Drain Rock & Other Rock
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1 1/2 Drain Rock
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1 1/2" Drain Rock:

This product is commonly used in DEC septic systems and drain fields. 1 1/2" drain rock can also be used as a road topping or anywhere else drainage is needed.

3/4" Rock:

This product makes a great driveway/pathway topping. When placed near entrances and garages, 3/4" rock helps to reduce dust and mud and creates a clean, finished look.

Washed 3/4" Rock
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Washed 3" Drain Rock
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3" Drain Rock:

This product is often used in french style drains or as a ditch liner. The 3" drain rock can vary in size and is not recommended as a road/driveway topping.


3/4" Chip Rock:

Washed chips are 3/4" rock that has been completely crushed. The chip rocks have no rounded edges and therefore pack together very nicely and stay in place. Washed chips are generally used for walkways, driveways, parking areas, and also landscaping purposes.

 Washed 3/4" Chips
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1 1/4" Chip Rock:

Washed 1 1/4" chips are a larger version of the 3/4" chips and more suitable for commercial applications.

Washed 1 1/4" Chips
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Pea Gravel
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Pea Gravel:

Pea gravel is 1/2" or smaller in size and usually completely round. This product is commonly used for playgrounds and landscaping.



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