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Retaining Wall Block

Retaining Wall Blocks: $55.00/ea

Retaining Wall Blocks

Corner Blocks
Retaining Wall

1' x 2' face, 2' deep
460 lbs.

These heavy-duty retaining wall blocks have a textured face ideal for landscaping at your home or business, and yet are sturdy enough for bank stabilizing applications.

Retaining wall blocks come in straight, corner or half blocks

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Large Concrete Bulkhead Blocks: $110.00/ea

Large Blocks
Large Textured Blocks

2' High x 4' Wide, 2' Deep
2400 lbs. each

Large Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks: $125.00/ea

2' High x 4' Wide, 2' Deep
2400 lbs. each

Curb Stops: $55.00/ea

Curb Stops
7' Wide, 6-7" High
500 lbs. each