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Dibble Creek Rock also furnishes concrete for shipment to remote locations in Alaska. Visit our SuperSack page for more information on getting concrete to your remote jobsite.

Concrete Mixer Batch Plant

What Type of Concrete do You Need?
Dibble Creek Rock produces ready mix concrete for all applications both commercial and residential. Our concrete specialists will be sure to accomodate your specific job requirements, or choose from our standard mix designs.

5 Sack Concrete: $155.00/YD
Homer Batch Plant
3000 psi rating (pounds per square inch)
5 Sack Concrete is suitable to use for your buildings footer or in sonotubes

5.5 Sack Concrete: $160.00/YD
3500 psi rating (pounds per square inch)
5.5 Sack Concrete is used for most homeowner slabs, such as basements and garages

6 Sack Concrete: $165.00/YD
4000 psi rating (pounds per square inch)
6 Sack Concrete is used mostly for commercial projects, however can be used anywhere extra strength is needed
6 Sack Grout: $165.00/YD
4000 psi rating (pounds per square inch)
6 Sack Grout is formulated for use in walls ie: insulated foam or concrete block. The grout mix has smaller aggregate components than our other mixes.

Building With Concrete-A Solid Investment

When you build with concrete, you're investing in a structure that is built to last. Whether it's a foundation or and energy-efficient concrete home, concrete adds value to your project as well as superior strength and durability that will last well beyond a lifetime.

The Mass Effect:
The pure mass of concrete adds significantly to the thermal efficiency of a building. The mass of Concrete slows heat from passing through walls, therefore keeping homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Used in conjunction with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), concrete can substantially increase the R-Value of your home while decreasing your energy bill. Locally, both Amvic and Quad-Lock ICF blocks are available; select either link to learn more about the energy benefits of these products.

Air-Tight Efficiency:
Concrete is poured in semi-liquid form, which allows it to fill any voids in construction with potential to leak air (gaps in insulation, space between studs etc.). Air leakage accounts for up to 40% of energy loss in wood framed structures. Concrete eliminates this major source of energy loss by producing nearly air-tight construction.

Resilient & Durable:
Unlike wood, concrete does not burn which adds a dimension of safety and security to your home beyond what conventional wood framing can offer. Concrete can withstand and prevent the spread of fire from one room to another much longer than wood, and also protects structures from exterior fires.

Low Maintenance :
Concrete, especially when used as part of an ICF system, is resistant to rot, mold growth, and general water damage. Concrete is also less likely to be damaged by high winds, storms and other weather elements common in Alaska.

Sound Barrier:
The greater mass of concrete walls create a sound barrier reducing the amount of noise from sources like roads, airports and neighbors that will penetrate into your home. Research has shown concrete homes are often two-thirds quieter than wood-framed homes.


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