Dibble Creek Rock Ltd.
34481 North Fork Rd.
Anchor Point, AK 99556
Phone (907) 235-7126
 Fax (907) 235-0682
Serving HOMER-ANCHOR POINT-NINILCHIK and surrounding areas

Dibble Creek Rock provides delivery for any quantity of material to your home or jobsite.

Truck rates are per hour, as listed below.

Please call for an estimate or to schedule a delivery.

Truck and Pup
Truck Capacity
End Dump Truck
End Dump: $135/ hr
10 yds. or 15 tns.
Side Dump Truck
Side Dump: $155.00/hr
18 yds. or 26 tns.
Belly Dump Trailer
Belly Dump: $145.00/hr
18 yds. or 26 tns.
Truck and Pup Trailer
End Dump w/ Pup: $155.00/hr
22 yds. or 32 tns.
Boom Truck also available for $150.00/hr